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Source for buying a Raspberry Pi in Turkey

5. Juli 2016

After asking in a german Raspberry Pi Group where to buy a Raspberry Pi in Turkey someone told me the following good link:

samm teknoloji

samm teknoloji


Samm Technology Communications Industry and Trade Inc.

Gebze Organize Sanayi Bölgesi (GOSB) İhsandede Cd. 800. Sok No: 802

41430 Gebze-Kocaeli, Turkey

Tel: 444 17 26
Tel: +90 (262) 751 25 62
Fax: +90 (262) 751 25 62

At this time this seems for me the only company which sells the Raspberry Pi 3 for a good price against the prices on the turkish „ebay“

If someone knows some better stores please tell me your suggestions 🙂